Diloc offers the right solution for residential, commercial and industrial environments proposing air conditioning systems characterized by high quality standards.

Diloc is the division of Naicon that proposes itself as partner for your daily well-being and for a better quality of life without losing attention to the environment and to energy efficiency. Diloc offers the right solution for residential, commercial and industrial environments proposing air conditioning systems characterized by high quality standards and that offer an excellent quality / price ratio. Diloc offers latest generation models up to 60,000 BTUs with low environmental impact, built not only to ensure maximum comfort and extreme silence but also to minimize electrical consumption and overall dimensions.

Diloc has constantly committed itself to obtain maximum efficiency from Japanese technology, reducing electricity consumption and consequently the cost of managing the product. With DC inverter Diloc technology, savings of over 25% are guaranteed and with the two gases used in our products, R410A and R32, we have achieved high levels of efficiency even in heat pumps at low temperatures, without penalizing the feeling of well-being.

Diloc offers air conditioning systems that can be used both in Summer and in Winter times, and in the middle seasons they can also be used to dehumidify the air when the humidity level in the rooms is high. Diloc proposes a new range of air conditioners without external motor, easy design model, suitable for historic centers, residential buildings, shops and in all situations where the outdoor unit cannot be installed.

In addition to the product, Diloc has always been attentive to the guaranteed service, through an efficient technical assistance network guaranteeing a prompt and extremely professional intervention in the event of a breakdown or failure. Diloc, is used by qualified installers able to meet the most complex assembly needs to ensure end-user satisfaction.

Diloc DC Inverter

The Diloc DC Inverter models have a high efficiency that can save up to 50% of energy consumption. The whole range is in class A / A + / A ++, both during cooling and heating. Noise level has been further improved according to the new regulations. The attention to details allows us to propose a product with low environmental impact (ecological gas R410A and ecological gas R32) and high efficiency SCOP => 4. The model easy design without external motor, with the new regulations guarantees the class A + for a further reduction in consumption. The ideal climate control system to prevent the installation of outdoor units outside the home.

Accurate controls, reliable tests:

  • Noise measurement in maximum operation.
  • Airflow test.
  • Controls of all electrical commands in hot and cold operation.
  • Aesthetic control and finishes.
  • Flap wing movement control.
  • Check the condensation drainage pipe.
  • Final aesthetic verification.
  • Check of the packaging.

Total warranty 2 years and 5 years on the compressor.

Improve the environment

Diloc in accordance with the new directives for the protection of the environment, Diloc propose the range of single and multi FROZEN air conditioners: high-performance products with low energy consumption, ecological refrigerant gas R32, with SCOP performance coefficient => 4, valid as energy class A + / A ++.

The goal of Naicon is to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, ensuring a climate of well-being in houses, offices and buildings for public use. In agreement with the main producers of air conditioning systems, NAICON has developed a range of products able to meet the needs for each type of installation. Innovative design, functionality, reliability, ease of installation and energy efficiency make the NAICON range an air conditioning systems for every environment and for any surface, with an excellent value for money. Diloc DC Inverter air conditioning systems have been designed to guarantee maximum comfort with minimum energy consumption, helping to safeguard the future of the Earth and to reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

Excellent in the price / quality ratio, Diloc models guarantee a low noise level and, in SLEEP function, increase the temperature to compensate for the lowering of body temperature.