Eva Calor

Eva Calor

Eva Calor produce Certified Pellet Stoves.

Thanks to his ecological nature, Eva Calor heats the environment where you live in a eco-friendly manner. Eva Calor stoves burns wood or pellets, a renewable and ecological fuel.

Respect for nature as fixed value

Wood is a renewable energy resource. Differently from what happens when fossil fuels are burnt, such as diesel oil, gas or coal, which are resources that are bound to run out and have a negative environmental impact, when wood burns, it is possible to speak about zero environmental impact. In contrast to these types of fuels, when it burns, wood releases an amount of carbon dioxide which is equivalent to that absorbed by a tree during its growth. This process is called carbon cycle.

Safe Heat

Severe testing and quality control carried out by the most authoritative international certification boards together with the quality control carried out by a team of specialists within the company are fundamental in the manufacturing process of Eva Calor stoves. Extreme testing and quality control, and inspection of mechanic and electric components for a top-notch product in terms of safety, quality and performance.

In achieving maximum safety standards in all Eva Calor stoves, a particular thermostat has been installed in order to guarantee greater reliability. A "manually recharged" mechanic system guarantees that the machine will automatically stop in case extreme temperatures have been exceeded.

As an electronic accessory there is a remote control, which is provided as an optional item.