Extraflame - pellet heating systems

The La Nordica-Extraflame Group is driven by the characteristic forces of Italy’s north-east: passion and hard work. Even in the field of “traditional” heating, innovation has always been a feature of La Nordica-Extraflame products. Thanks to this, the Group has acquired a significant share of the market over the last 50 years, and now sells its products in 50 countries around the world. The La Nordica-Extraflame Group traces its origins back to 1968. Since then the Group has worked hard to expand and improve its product range, and has abandoned the simple stoves of yesterday in favour of evolved, diversified, and advanced products that can satisfy all the needs and preferences of today’s market.

The La Nordica-Extraflame Group produces ultra-modern, classic and rustic style wood and pellet burning stoves as well as wood burning cookers, fireplaces and boilers. Its products can also become complete but compact domestic heating systems to heat the radiators in your home. Nordica-Extraflame products lead the field and conform to the strictest emission regulations. They are also all CE marked and certified to international standards even stricter than those in force in Italy.

Extraflame - pellet products

After some 20 years of manufacturing electric heating appliances, Extraflame switched to designing, developing and producing pellet stoves. Extraflame’s innovative, functional, economical, ecological, and environmentally friendly products have firmly established the company as one of today’s market leaders.

La Nordica Extraflame Academy

La Nordica-Extraflame has always believed that the value of training dealers and professional installers is an essential strength. A refresher and information activity for a range of solutions undergoing continuous technological and regulatory evolution, calling for high level training.

Academy is dedicated to all Biomass sector operators and stages a series of courses "in the field" for any need and application sector. The recipe is simple: theory and practice in the right relationship, small number of participants to assure better service. Dynamic courses, where the role of participants is not just being "listeners" but active players able to solve any future installation and consultancy need with the utmost professionalism.