Save offers the widest range possible of stove pipes and flue pipes.

Save fumisteria was once a small, family-run company based in the smallest municipality in the Province of Vicenza. Although its chances were not of the most encouraging, the hard work and enthusiasm of its founders has brought it into the leading ranks of the sector today.

Save expanded production for the purpose of offering the widest range possible of stove pipes and flue pipes. The 22,000 square meter premises, 13,000 of which are dedicated solely to the finished product warehouse, and Save enamelling system used only for Save products allow us to vaunt an output of up to 12,000 pieces a day.

Aiming at excellence

Save is one of Italy’s leading companies in the pellet and wood stove exhaust system sector also for this reason.

Save has always been extremely attentive to the new requests in the market, which we always try to satisfy by studying new products and improving existing models. With our light lines, we want to offer a lighter and less expensive product with the same performance and the same regulatory features. We developed our new ultra matt finish for installation in stoves of a certain prestige and interiors with modern design.