ExpertFlame Partners

Improvements in heating and cooling systems are made possible by the integration of advanced and innovative technologies, which means endless learning and deepening for those involved in the sector. Add to this the constant changes in legislation aimed at improving safety and reducing environmental impact, and the need for specialization becomes clear.
Specialization, professionalism and responsiveness are the cornerstones of our mission, and we like to work with companies that share these values to keep you warm and worry-free. The correct functioning of heating depends on the right advice, purchase, installation, maintenance and service, so we create the conditions to achieve common goals with the best effect and satisfaction.

Stores and Consultants

Choosing the right equipment is crucial to ensuring adequate heating. ExpertFlame consultants and dealers are familiar with the technical features and are happy to listen to the user's needs. This approach helps them choose the right heating solution, taking into account the customer's technical needs, design and lifestyle.

Heating installation

Installers and plumbers

Proper installation and knowledge of the appliance are essential for the best and most efficient operation of the appliance.

Service pellet stove

Service and Maintenance

Buying equipment without service means spending the winter in the cold, so service is very important to us. Our technicians offer quick intervention and fast troubleshooting on all equipment from the best brands.

Chimney installation

Chimney construction

Repairing or building a new chimney requires the right technical know-how, tools, a team of contractors and knowledge of the applicable legislation.

Univectra transport

Logistics and distribution

Univectra takes care of all logistics, delivery and supply of goods to all ExpertFlame business partners. DistroPoint is responsible for liaising with suppliers.

Pellet moving

Fuel suppliers

Consistent quality and uninterrupted supply are essential for a warm winter. The connection between fuel suppliers and technicians allows the furnace to work at its best, which means more savings, less pollution, less hassle.