News from Progetto Fuoco 2020

New wood and pellet products are here

News from Progetto Fuoco 2020 07/12/2023 20:55:38 Univectra d.o.o. ExpertFlame

Progetto Fuoco 2020 was a great opportunity to meet the great brands in the world of biomass heating. We discovered many new and interesting products that are almost ready for delivery.

Every manufacturer we met introduced innovations in the design and operation of heating systems based on pellet and wood fuels. So to list all the news would be very extensive. Let us give some examples.

La Nordica Extraflame

So let's take a look at some new products from the La Nordica-Extraflame group.

The latest generation Isidora Idro stove, for example, allows the circulation of hot water in radiant panels to heat the home. The large glass of the fire door allows you to fully enjoy the wide view of the flame, and the new Black Mask display with integrated Wi-Fi allows complete remote management through the dedicated "Total Control" app.

Marilena Plus AD, is a pellet stove only 35 cm deep with a retractable handle. Available in three new finishes (natural stone or crystal glass in white or smoked), it also has the option of a rear, top or left flue for greater installation versatility. It can also transport heat through ducts up to 8 meters away.

Verona XXL is a built-in wood-burning cooker that can be installed in contact with kitchen cabinets. Its sides stay cool without sacrificing the performance of a wood-burning stove. The generous 68-liter oven and thick cast-iron plates make it easy to cook any dish. The exterior is available in stainless steel or anthracite black.

Debby is a fully sealed round pellet stove, also available with a natural stone finish.

Oriana is a wood-burning stove with an elegant design, available in three versions (with fine majolica covering in white infinity color, with sides in single blocks of natural stone, or completely in cast iron with base and handle in wood finish).

Liù Pietra, a wood-burning stove also with a new natural stone finish and an enameled cast-iron body, has been designed to meet the requirements of the most stringent European certifications.

The La Nordica Extraflame PK series boilers are able to heat the whole house in an ecological and economical way, without sacrificing comfort and ease of management.

Moretti Design

Moretti Design, part of the new fascinating stoves with great design, also presented a new cleaning system for pellet stoves.


Cadel has improved and redesigned the thermal stoves with new great features and distinctive design.

Rizzoli Cucine

Rizzoli Cucine exhibited its great products and everyone had the opportunity to see them in action, in fact star chef Alfio Ghezzi delighted and entertained the visitors with a show cooking on wood-fired cooking.

Eva Calor

Eva Calor exhibited its innovative hot air generator based on pellet fuel.

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