News from Progetto Fuoco 2022

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News from Progetto Fuoco 2022 07/12/2023 21:06:37 Univectra d.o.o. ExpertFlame

There have been a lot of innovations this year, but it would be too much to list them all. Let's look at some of them.

Moretti Design

Moretti Design continues to impress with great design innovation in pellet and wood stoves and inserts.

La Nordica Extraflame

Nordica Extraflame 2022 offers, before the next winter, completely new models, but also restyling, evolved in performance, in the Prestige, Evolution and Traditional lines. The leitmotif of the entire production speaks a common and contemporary language, attentive to innovation, performance and ecology. Without sacrificing comfort, design and excellent value for money.

Alaska, a return to the tradition of wood-fired cooking in a contemporary model with a large 78-liter enameled oven, large thick griddle and 3 cast-iron cooking circles. The exterior is in enameled cast iron, the sides in enameled steel. The hearth has an adjustable cast iron grate and is lined with Nordiker® refractory to enhance the beauty of the fire.

Nova Forno, the wood-fired oven with very high efficiency and very low emissions. It has a 37-liter oven, ideal for healthy cooking, and is elegantly tiled.

Monobloc 90PA the wood fireplace with panoramic glass with thick cast iron appa with Power Radiant System, top of its class for very high efficiency and very low emissions,

Monobloc 3LC, the wood-burning fireplace with panoramic glass, features a glass door that opens on three sides, ideal for scenic installations with a three-sided fireplace. The seamless, heat-resistant panoramic glass is made up of three separate pieces: the sides can be opened for cleaning and maintenance. In addition, the model comes standard with frame and support.

Mirka/Mirka Plus, the ventilated pellet stove, also available in a ducted version, with refined details and elegant finishes, available in three finishes: matte black ceramic, matte dove gray and stone. Possibility of integration with the Alexa home automation system and the burner with the EGR system, which allows a warmer and more relaxing view of the flame.

Angy, the airtight, ventilated pellet stove. Standard built-in Wi-Fi allows for excellent management via the new Total Control 3.0 app, as well as integration with Alexa home automation. The removable grate makes cleaning easy, and the standard handheld radio control doubles as a room thermostat. The front fan motor is equipped with the Automatic system to manage power, temperature and its maintenance. The Pro Air Setup function for ventilation, in the case also for ducting, allows the user to choose between different power intensities and flow rates of ventilated air.

Ilary/Ilary Plus, the hermetic, ventilated or ducted pellet stove. New hermetic, ventilated pellet stove with automatic management system, also available in ducted version in the Ilary Plus model. It has a door with double ceramic glass and a removable burner and ash tray for easy cleaning. The Plus version has its own canal motor, which can be thermostatically controlled and excluded, allowing heat to be distributed up to 8 meters.

Marina Idro H11 and H13, ventilated pellet stoves. The Marina Idro model, available in ivory, burgundy and bronze colors and in 11 and 13 KW water output versions, heats ecologically and economically. It is connected to the heating system to supply hot water to the radiators and heat the whole house. It is equipped with frontal ventilation and the CVT system for combustion air control, as well as the possibility of integrating the Alexa home automation system. In addition, its performance is optimized thanks to the PWM circulator and the presence of the reliable ceramic glow plug.

Rizzoli Cucine

Rizzoli Cucine continues to impress with its well-designed wood-fired cookers and the integration of the new N series wood-fired cookers.

Eva Calor

Eva Calor impressed with the new heat accumulation pellet stove series and the natural convection models. Attention was also drawn to the new Eva Calor pellet-fired barbecue stoves.


Cadel improved a complete new line of pellet stoves with the advanced combustion chamber.

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