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New models 2023

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Nova Forno Steel, Concita 2.0 Steel, Emiliana Steel, Fedora Steel and Rosa 5.0 VST Steel are the new 2023 wood-fired cookers, extensions of the successful models already in the catalogue, united by the new enameled steel covering, which is added to those already available to offer an ever greater variety of aesthetics to choose from.

The new stoves Nova Forno Steel, Concita 2.0 Steel, Emiliana Steel, Fedora Steel and Rosa 5.0 VST Steel, from a technical point of view, confirm the excellent performance of these appliances, which stand out for their very high efficiency and very low emissions, at the top of their category. In fact, these new models have already been certified.

La Nordica Nuova Forno Steel

Novafornosteel 1180x580-min

Nova Forno Steel is the wood-fired cooker with oven from the Prestige Line, an additional option for the model presented in 2022, which extends the alternative coverings already available in majolica with the version completely in black or cream enameled steel.

This model, like the current one, is equipped with a practical and efficient 37-litre oven, ideal for cooking your favorite dishes in a healthy and natural way, with the unique taste of wood. In addition, the large hearth is lined with Nordiker® refractory to enhance the beauty of the fire.

La Nordica Fedora Steel


Fedora Steel is a new version of the Fedora wood-burning stove, which maintains its excellent performance. Like the other new wood-fired models in Steel finish, the Fedora Steel is available with a black or cream enameled steel casing, in addition to the burgundy and white infinity majolica casing already in the catalogue. The door and base are in enameled cast iron, as is the top, which is equipped with a practical hotplate. Finally, the large ceramic glass allows an excellent panoramic view of the cooking area.

La Nordica Concita 2.0 Steel

Concita2.0steel 1180x580-min

Concita 2.0 Steel is an aesthetic evolution of the Concita model launched in 2021, from which it differs by having a new all-steel enamel finish, available in black and cream.

This wood-burning stove is equipped as standard with the EPS heat recovery system, which increases efficiency and reduces emissions thanks to an internal turbulator in the flue gas outlet.

The quality of its materials makes this stove the ideal appliance for heating your home with taste and style, also thanks to the large firebox lined with Nordiker® refractory, which enhances the brightness of the flame.

La Nordica Emiliana Steel

Emilianasteel 1180x580-min

Emiliana Steel is the small wood stove that can adapt to any room, furnishing and heating it efficiently. Its very high efficiency and very low emissions, at the top of its category.

Emiliana Steel, an extension of the Emiliana model already successfully in the catalog since 2019, comes this year with the new black or cream enameled steel cladding to offer a wide variety of aesthetics and adapt to any style and living context.

Another novelty this year in the world of wood-fired cookers is the Rosa 5.0 VST, an evolution of the 4.0 model already in the catalog, which offers the possibility of having more functions in a single product. In fact, in addition to heating the room, thanks to its 8.8 Kw-N power, Rosa 5.0 VST is equipped with a large 41-liter porcelain enameled steel oven and a large grill with polished cast iron rims.

The Rosa 5.0 VST is also available with the new painted steel finish, black or white speckled, but it is also available in majolica, ceramic or natural stone-a wide range of finishes and colors to best suit any home environment.

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