Wood thermo cooker Eva Calor Wanda with open-tank

Eva Calor introduces a new wood-fired thermo-cooker

Wood thermo cooker Eva Calor Wanda with open-tank 07/12/2023 21:14:46 Univectra d.o.o. ExpertFlame

The new Eva Calor Wanda wood-burning stove features an open tank exchange system and a closed tank connection system for maximum comfort and safety.

The Eva Calor Wanda wood-fired thermo-cooker is made entirely of steel and consists of a boiler body with a water gap that surrounds the firebox on one side and communicates with the built-in expansion tank that allows the water to be heated inside the heating system by means of a stainless steel coil heat exchanger. The stove can be equipped with a second exchanger for the production of domestic hot water.

All these are additional options to the traditional function of the stove, which is equipped with a top plate and some models even with an oven, allowing you to cook your favorite meal in an effortless and economical way.

The advantages of the Eva Calor Wanda wood-burning cooker are:

  • it can be used alone or in combination with a boiler;
  • it is equipped with a programmable electronic control unit for safe operation;
  • it is easy to clean thanks to the removable top plate.

Eva Calor has paid particular attention to safety features during the design and testing phase and is therefore equipped with:

  • water level control system with automatic reset function;
  • boiler housing capable of operating without pressure;
  • heat dissipation devices;
  • reserve water tank to quickly reach the required operating conditions.

The Eva Calor Wanda thermo-cooker provides 15.8 kW of nominal heat output and 10.5 kW to water, which is quite high for this type of product.

Eva Calor Wanda can be installed as a freestanding or built-in kitchen element.

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