Monobloc heat pumps ES AW V7 series

ES heat pumps with R32 refrigerant

Monobloc heat pumps ES AW V7 series 07/12/2023 23:38:10 Univectra d.o.o. ExpertFlame

The heat pump series uses the latest technologies for maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact. A specially designed fan and a technologically advanced compressor housed in a soundproof chamber ensure extremely quiet operation.

The EC AW V7 heat pumps use R32 refrigerant, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also significantly more efficient than units using other types of refrigerant. The "M" in the name stands for "Monoblock". The outdoor unit has direct water connections already installed.

The units have an additional heater to prevent the water in the outdoor unit and pipes from freezing. The electrical supply to the heater is separate from the heat pump, so the heater is protected against freezing in the event of a power failure to the heat pump.

ES AW V7 heat pumps provide an outlet water temperature of up to 58°C. At this temperature, the radiators operate in the medium temperature range. This is particularly useful when replacing high temperature systems with a heat pump and wanting to maintain the radiators.

The AW V7 series includes monoblocks with heating capacities from 6 to 19 kW.


The AWC version includes 5 models with a compact internal ControlBox control unit.


The AWT version includes 3 models with an all-in-one indoor unit, i.e. it includes an indoor control box and a 250 liter stainless steel domestic water tank. It also includes most of the elements required for installation (diverter valve, expansion tank, safety valve, ....).

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The AWT series includes 3 models with an All-in-one indoor unit, which means that it includes an indoor unit for control unit and a 250 litre stainless steel sanitary water storage tank water. In addition, it includes most of the elements required for installation (diverter valve, expansion tank, safety valve, ....).
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