New air conditioners from Diloc for the 2023 season

The two new entries

New air conditioners from Diloc for the 2023 season 07/13/2023 00:33:53 Univectra d.o.o. ExpertFlame

Diloc has introduced two new series of air conditioners. Both include great features and maintain a good quality/price ratio.

Diloc Dune

Diloc Dune air conditioners are the efficient and sustainable choice, in class A++ energy efficiency, to offer you the best value for money for residential air conditioning.

Feature low power consumption and low environmental impact, thanks to the high-efficiency Inverter motor and the new Eco function.

Diloc Dune air conditioners are Wi-Fi ready, so they can be upgraded with the interface and are compatible with the connectivity package Diloc smart, to control the comfort of your home conveniently from your smartphone via App.

Diloc Oasi

Indulge in the smart comfort of Diloc Oasi air conditioners with high efficiency in energy class A+++. Featuring a modern backlit display, Diloc Oasi air conditioners come standard with Wi-Fi connectivity and are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Stylish finishes add a touch of style to the home with the simple and elegant design.

Small indoor and outdoor unit sizes allow for easy installation without cluttering the room.

Low power consumption and environmental impact thanks to the high-efficiency inverter motor and the new Eco function.

Common features

Air conditioners have different modes, generally speaking, there are 6 standard modes you can find in air conditioners and a wide range of other modes. The modes of air conditioners include: Cool, Dry, Fan, Turbo, Sleep and Eco.

Turbo mode

The main purpose of the turbo mode is to speed up the cooling or heating process in the room. The advanced turbo mode built into the Diloc air conditioner allows users to experience fast cooling with coils down to 18°C within 30s and a warm atmosphere with coils up to 40°C within 60s. When you return from a scorching or chilly day outside, the inverter compressor will operate at its highest frequency, blowing out maximum capacity and warm or cool air as desired.

Typically, turbo mode is activated for 30 minutes. The air conditioner runs in turbo mode for 30 minutes after the turbo indicator appears on the remote control display. The turbo function is turned off by pressing the mode button while it is active. Using the turbo option prevents you from adjusting the temperature or fan speed.

I Feel

I Feel is a very advanced mode that eliminates the temperature gap between setting and feeling using a sensor built into the remote control, which is usually close to the user. This enhances the user experience by allowing the user to relax by selecting a preferred temperature and then automatically adjusting the air conditioner to that temperature.

Sleep mode

Sleep mode is a low-power mode. In sleep mode, the air conditioner will control the room temperature and increase it by 0.5 to 1 degree Celsius per hour, up to a maximum of 3 degree Celsius per hour. With this setting, the air conditioner will keep you cool and comfortable all night long. It's a good option for the night because it keeps the room temperature cool at a low level and helps you fall asleep more easily. It also makes sure that if someone gets up in the middle of the night, they can get back to sleep quickly and comfortably. The sleep mode offered by Diloc air conditioners can be used by adults and children alike, but it's especially useful for babies and young children who can't yet regulate their own body temperature.

Blue fin

The Blue Fin condenser in an anti-corrosive coating over the coils to improve the efficiency and long life of the air conditioner. The Blue Fin coating protects the condenser coils from corrosion caused by harsh climates, moisture and humidity.

DC inverter

The inverter system allows adaptive operation of the compressor, to constantly adapt the speed to the actual demand for air conditioning. without wasting energy. More efficient operation, energy consumption is significantly reduced. Cutting costs while protecting the planet.

Smart Control

Remotely operate functions via App, or control via simple voice commands.

Air conditioners have a wide range of modes that can be used for various purposes. You can regulate the temperatures indoors using these modes to suit your needs.

Recommended Products

The Dune series is the base of our product line. These units provide an affordable solution without compromising on quality.
The Oasi Series features a simple and clean white design. It integrates many user functions including WiFi.
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