Pellet stove Punto Fuoco Lory

The best quality/price ratio

Pellet stove Punto Fuoco Lory 07/19/2023 18:34:01 Univectra d.o.o. ExpertFlame

Compact and efficient, it is characterized by the right mix of consumption, power and yield.

Lory pellet stoves include all the general user requirements with the optimal price/quality ratio. The design is essential, but easy to fit into any type of home environment: traditional or modern.

One of the great advantages is the possibility to connect the flue pipe a part from the rear also from the top. In this mode, less space is required for the installation. The use is very simple, even if it includes the timer to set automatic start and stop for the week, day or weekend.

The Lory pellet stove requires basic maintenance, such as cleaning the fire pot and the fire door glass. However, it is strongly recommended to call the technician for the annual maintenance.

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