Anti-Condensation Valve

What it is used for and why to mount it

Anti-Condensation Valve 07/12/2023 23:39:58 Univectra d.o.o. ExpertFlame

To keep the heating system in excellent condition at all times, it is recommended to install an anti-condensation valve between the boiler and the puffer, the storage tank.

Water vapor is released in the combustion chamber. This is due to the moisture contained in the solid fuel, the amount of which can vary depending on the type and season. When the water vapor encounters cold areas, it forms a layer of condensation that, along with soot and unburned hydrocarbons, creates fouling and flammable tars that are dangerous to the efficiency and health of the generator.

This is where the anti-condensation valve comes in: its job is to prevent thermal shock by keeping the generator walls at a high temperature to prevent the formation of condensation. The use of the valve has important consequences.

The advantages of installing the anti-condensation valve on the heating system are as follows

  • it ensures greater efficiency of the entire heating system, which is not hindered by scale and tars;
  • extends the life of the boiler, which is a direct result of the smooth operation of the heating system;
  • higher efficiency and longer boiler life translate into the opportunity to save money on heating, highlighting how the anti-condensate valve can be considered a small investment.
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