Magnetic dirt filter

Stop impurities in the heat pump system

Magnetic dirt filter 07/13/2023 00:01:23 Univectra d.o.o. ExpertFlame

The various components that make up an air conditioning system are subject to wear from impurities circulating in the heat transfer fluid. If not properly removed, they can cause clogging and seizing of pumps, reduced performance of heat exchangers, uneven operation of valves, and inadequate heat transfer.

In the specific case of the heat pump system, which is very sophisticated and sensitive, the use of the magnetic dirt filter is unavoidable. In fact, impurities risk clogging the already reduced internal passages or preventing the proper functioning of the internal regulating organs. Since the heat pump is a generator that works with small temperature jumps, even small variations in the flow rate can negatively affect its performance.

For this reason, it is important to choose a dirt filter that ensures optimal filtration.

The greater the filtration efficiency of the magnetic particle filter, the greater the guaranteed operation, efficiency and safety of new heating and cooling systems that take advantage of sophisticated technology such as heat pump systems.

The magnetic dirt filter is installed as an external component in the system, preferably before the generator, to maintain its efficiency over time.

The magnetic dirt filter is an extremely versatile integrated device: it can be installed on horizontal or vertical pipelines without altering its functional and fluid-dynamic characteristics.

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