Dal Zotto wood line

Wood-burning heating products.

Dal Zotto wood line products is not only the high quality of materials, the skills of the workforce at all levels but also the handcrafted care of details, the search for alternative design solutions, the use of cast iron of strictly Italian origin, high reliability, durable and environmentally friendly components, clean smoke outlet without polluting emissions.

Wood stoves

Wood stoves is a heating solution that provides numerous benefits.

Wood cookers

Wood-burning cookers provide perfectly cooked food and an efficient heating solution for your home.

Wood thermo cookers

The thermo-cooker is a particular type of wood-burning cooker with a boiler. It can also work as a heat generator for a plumbing and heating system.

Wood thermo products

Wood thermo products use wood combustion to produce hot water that can be supplied to the radiators and/or underfloor radiant panels throughout the home.