Monoblocs EVI

ES air-to-water heat pumps with EVI technology.

Economic and effective air-to-water heat pump, designed for a Nordic climate. High energy efficiency and stable performance. With inverter + EVI technology, it reaches A++ energy level and COP up to 4,5.

By converting the energy from the outdoor air, you lower your energy cost in an environmentally friendly way at the same time you create the perfect indoor climate. AW-EVI product range are developed to replace or complete an existing heat source and for new production with demands for higher inlet temperatures.

All AW-EVI product range enables you to keep your current electric, oil, pellet, or wood boiler. If your pre-sent system works – keep it as backup. Under normal circumstances the heat pump capacity should be enough to provide approximately half of the necessary heat on the coldest days.

The heat pump converts energy from the outdoor air to heat and domestic hot water for your warehouse, residential, office or industrial building.