Monoblocs R32

The Monoblocs R32 heat pumps use the latest technologies for maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact. The units are very quiet thanks to the special designed fans and a noise shielded compressor compartment.

With R32 as refrigerant the units are not just more eco-friendly, but even more efficient then units using other types of refrigerants. The “M” in the name stands for Monobloc, which describes the connection between indoor and outdoor unit – a hydraulic connection which provides an easier installation.

The units have an additional heater that serves as a back up to prevent freezing of the water in the outdoor unit. Its power supply is separate from the heat pump and will kick-in only in real emergency cases. Heating power ranges from 6–19 kW and there are two different types. The AWC has a small indoor control box and the AWT is a so called All-In-One indoor unit, with a water tank for preparing hot sanitary water. The AWT contains most of the elements needed for an installation into your home (switching valve, expansion vessel, etc...).

DC inverter air/water heat pumps with R32 refrigerant. Indoor ControlBox and outdoor AW monoblock unit.
The AWT series includes 3 models with an All-in-one indoor unit, which means that it includes an indoor unit for control unit and a 250 litre stainless steel sanitary water storage tank water. In addition, it includes most of the elements required for installation (diverter valve, expansion tank, safety valve, ....).