Split R410A

The ES Split units are highly efficient heat pumps that use a traditional R410A refrigerant. Designed for high performance and long life­span.

The “S” in the name stands for a Split type connection which means that the hydraulic system is connected to the indoor unit. The connection between the indoor and the outdoor unit is made with refrigerant piping. In case of an emergency there is no risk of water freezing in the outdoor unit.

Heating power ranges from 6–13 kW. There are three types, the NPH, NPT and NPET version. The NPH has an indoor unit containing the controls and water pump, suitable for adapting to any existing heating system. The NPT and NPET are so called All-In-One indoor units, with a water tank for preparing fresh sanitary water. The NPT has a water tank in stainless steel that heats the fresh sanitary water through a coil, on demand. The NPET has an enamelled water tank that is used as a 250 liter hot water storage. This system ensures that there is always enough water waiting to be used.

The NPH series comprises 4 compact models indoor unit with control and circulating pump to be adapts to the existing heating system.
The NPT series comprises 4 models equipped with both so-called "all-in-one" indoor unit, with stainless steel sanitary water tank with 250 litres capacity.