Wood crystal inserts

The ideal solution for your fireplace.

Warmth, atmosphere, elegance: the light of the fire burning inside a fireplace always creates true magic. But every home, every room, has its own needs and La Nordica-Extraflame offers each of them a solution for efficient and ecological home heating.

The inserts are designed to replace an old open fireplace, increasing performance both in terms of heating power and emissions. But they are also the ideal solution for a new installation.

Two adequately sized ventilation grilles (an inlet grille at the bottom and an outlet one at the top) should be installed during assembly to ensure correct operation and permit heating of the room and correct cooling of the product (see the manual attached to the product).

Wood burning ventilated insert with internal facing of the hearth in cast iron and Nordiker.
Wood burning insert supplied with ducting ventilation system.
Wood burning ventilated insert with Power Radiant System.