Wood thermo cookers

Heat, taste and atmosphere: all of this in one product.

La Nordica-Extraflame wood- burning thermo-cookers stand out not only as optimal solutions for cooking, thanks to the cast iron hob and convenient oven, but also as efficient and high-performance devices for heating your home.

Thanks to the possibility of connecting them to the plumbing and heating system of the home, feeding hot water to the radiators, with these kitchens you can get the most out of all the power released by the fire, in a completely safe, efficient but above all, ecological way.

Our Thermo-cookers, as well as other wood-burning thermo-products, have the configuration for the DSA safety device (optional DSA valve) as a standard feature.

The automatic thermal relief valve

The automatic thermal relief valve is a peculiar discharge valve with double positive safety bulb with 95°C intervention. If connected to the DSA system on board on all our product, allows to prevent the water to boil into the generator even in case of electrical blackout and allows to install the product on a closed pressurized system. When the safety temperature (95°C) is reached, it opens the cold water into the coil exchanger / DSA system) dissipating the exceeding heating to a drainage correctly installed. Th pressure before the cooling circuit has to be at least 1,5bar and the generator can’t be reintegrated with the immersion pump into an artesian well.

Temporary Suspended
Wood burning thermo-cooker with external facing in majolica or natural stone.
Wood burning termo-cooker with enameled cast iron doors, facade and frame.
Wood burning thermo-cooker with external facing in steel and vitrified cast iron frame.
Temporary Suspended
Wood burning thermo-cooker with enameled cast iron facing and panoramic enameled oven.