Wood thermo stoves

It's time to think about your heating plant.

La Nordica-Extraflame continues the line of wood- burning products by adding the possibility of connecting them to the plumbing and heating system of the house, feeding hot water to the radiators.

La Nordica-Extraflame, thanks to the wide choice of thermostats, is able to offer the right solution for heating your home efficiently and ecologically.

These products, in fact, designed and manufactured with the most advanced technologies, heat the whole house with an excellent caloric yield, a low consumption of wood and in complete respect for the environment.

It is important to remember that to have the warranty, it is mandatory to insert an Anti-condensation Mixing Valve, to prevent the return of cold water in the exchanger.

The DSA System in our wood hydro product

It is a safety coil heat exchanger which allows to install our products in a closed pressurized system. The product is already equipped with the DSA system input (exchanger with connections) so it is mandatory to install an automatic thermal relief valve (optional).

Wood burning thermo-stove with majolica covering. Adjustable primary and secondary air, preset tertiary air with post combustion system.
Wood burning thermo stove with wide fire vision. Doors with curved ceramic glass.
Cast iron wood bruning termo stove with rustical design for connecting to the home central heating system.
Wood burning thermo stove internal facing of the hearth in cast iron to connect to home heating system.
Wood burning termo stove with extractable wood drawer and cooking oven for connecting to the heating system of the house.