Cadel news 2022

Introduction to the new products which are on the way

Cadel news 2022 07/12/2023 21:06:57 Univectra d.o.o. ExpertFlame

Stoves as contemporary, pleasant, and sophisticated furniture are the guideline for the new product range coming in 2022.

The Fenice pellet stove is a round stove with innovative aesthetic lines, where the ventilation grille becomes the main design element. A sophisticated formal study in which the top is harmoniously integrated into the front by means of a soft decorative joint, without any superfluous additions. The simplicity and softness of the shapes are suitable for any type of décor.

The Kobe pellet stove is available in both ventilated and ducted versions. The Kobe stove is characterised by a large glass that enhances the flame.

Cadel's iconic Kriss pellet stove has been redesigned and updated to create the new Icon Plus 9 model. Modern design with clean lines and a cast iron top are the aesthetic features of the Cadel Icon Plus 9.

The Kristal 8.6 kW has also been redesigned with the Kristal 9 and Kristal 9 Plus models.

The new River Idrotech 18 and 24 series completely replace the Prince 16 and 23 hydro series.

Following the success of the Mithos range, a model with a more economical rear flue and the option of a stone surround has been added.

The Quasimodo 9 model is now available without a plinth.

All the new models incorporate Flex it technology to facilitate the installation and connection of the flue.

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