La Nordica Melinda Idro Steel 2.0

Central heating with powerful pellet stove

La Nordica Melinda Idro Steel 2.0 07/12/2023 20:44:13 Univectra d.o.o. ExpertFlame

Here is my lead

The Melinda Idro Steel pellet stove with water heat exchanger for central heating has an exterior made of steel and a ceramic stove top.

On the front of the stove is the ventilation system of the stove, which contains a convection fan. The ventilation shall be switchable.

The stove has a built-in thermostat to protect the stove from overheating, an expansion tank, a heat exchanger with manual cleaning system, a circulation pump, a weekly chronothermostat which offers the setting of a weekly operating programme of the stove by means of an included remote control, a safety valve (3 bar), a ceramic glow plug with the latest generation ignition system and an internal thermostat.

The stove can be operated in conjunction with an external thermostat and is equipped with an ash compartment.

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