La Nordica wood cookers news 2021

Three new proposals for heating and cooking

La Nordica wood cookers news 2021 07/12/2023 23:11:23 Univectra d.o.o. ExpertFlame

This year, La Nordica-Extraflame is expanding its already wide range of wood-burning stoves with three new proposals that combine innovation and tradition to heat your home while respecting the environment and cooking your favorite dishes with the flavors of yesteryear: Rosetta Sinistra Steel, Verona XXL and Venezia, each with its own characteristics to best suit your needs.

Verona XXL, with new covering in Majolica or Stone

Veronaxxl cor 1180x580

Verona XXL, the wood-burning stove with a large Nordiker hearth for logs up to 50 cm, has been redesigned this year. In fact, thanks to two brand new and prestigious claddings in natural stone or fine majolica, this modern stove becomes a perfect freestanding solution to decorate your home. The large 68-liter oven, equipped with a light, and the large cast iron plates will be your ideal ally for cooking your favorite dishes.

Venice, wood burning cooker with steel cladding

Venezia 1180x580

Venezia, an insert wood-burning cooker designed to stay in contact with your kitchen cabinets in complete safety, is a new 2021 product that completes the La Nordica-Extraflame Group's range of insert wood-burning stoves: Vicenza Evo, Verona XXL and Padova, the cities of taste. It has a width of 90 cm, which optimizes the space to offer a large firebox and a comfortable oven. The elegant stainless steel or anthracite black finishes are also an interesting solution for free side installation.

Rosetta sinistra BII steel, with left flue outlet

Rosettasinistrasteel 1180x5

Rosetta Sinistra Steel is our new proposal for an economical, elegant and functional kitchen, with a flue outlet on the left side, a concrete answer to specific installation needs. The enamelled steel exterior is available in two finishes: Dotted White and Anthracite Black.

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