La Nordica wood stoves news 2021

Three new proposals for heating

La Nordica wood stoves news 2021 07/12/2023 23:03:19 Univectra d.o.o. ExpertFlame

Each of these three new wood-burning stoves has the performance and functionality to meet the specific heating and furnishing needs of your home. However, there is a new technical solution that unites them all: the EPS heat recovery system, which guarantees high efficiency and ever lower emissions.

Thaiti and Thaiti EPS, all-cast iron wood stove

Tahiti 1180x580

Tahiti is the new wood-burning stove from the exclusive Prestige Line with a sleek design and tapered lines that joins the range of products made entirely of cast iron. Cast iron, a material resistant to shocks and high temperatures, is ideal for storing heat and gradually releasing it, spreading it for a long time in the room, even when the stove is no longer in use. In addition, the enameled finish allows for minimal maintenance.

Tahiti features a large cast iron and Nordiker firebox that accommodates logs up to 50 cm and a convenient side door for loading wood, as an alternative to the front door.

Concita, the wood stove with very high efficiency

Concita bi 1180-580

Concita, covered in elegant majolica, is the wood-burning stove that heats your home in an environmentally friendly way, thanks to its very high efficiency and low emissions, placing it at the top of its category, along with Emiliana and Fedora.

The large firebox is made of Nordiker refractory material that enhances the brightness and beauty of the flame, while the majolica exterior is available in infinite white and burgundy.

Dante, the elegant wood stove of the Prestige Line

Danteportalegna 1180x580

The new Dante wood-burning stove combines the elegance of the fireplace with the performance of the stove, enhancing the beauty of the fire. In addition to its enviable performance, an interesting feature of this product is the possibility of choosing between different installation modes: vertical and linear in the version with the lower wood holder, or more striking and distinctive with the elegant 145 cm horizontal bench, where the product can be placed as desired.

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