Pellet stove Vision, the revolution of the compact

The birth of a star

Pellet stove Vision, the revolution of the compact 07/12/2023 21:05:24 Univectra d.o.o. ExpertFlame

The pellet stove Vision is one of the latest additions to the Moretti Design offer. We want to tell the story of its creation and present it at its best, just like a film or show star.

Moretti Design's cutting-edge vision is combined with a search for style and a passion for glamour and trends. All this without losing sight of the usability and functionality of the ovens.

This is how the Moretti Design Vision pellet stove was born.

But as with all new product creations, this stove represents a new way of understanding the everyday spaces of the home, where functionality and technology are functional to the emotional experience.

The new Vision stove is the most advanced version of the range, embodying a clear vision of new trends and a creative approach that never ceases to amaze. Heating your home with style.

With a shape very similar to that of a television set (an object that also inspired the choice of its name), this model packs all the features of a compact stove into a depth of just 36.8 cm.

This makes it particularly suitable for rooms where space is at a premium.

As for the Vision's technology, it can be seen as soon as the glass door opens. All electronic.

Our designers have thought about this technical feature down to the smallest detail, combining technology and practicality to make the stove easier to maintain.

In addition, the Vision is equipped with All Clean technology, which allows it to initiate automatic cleaning of the brazier and tube beam.

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