Smart range of pellet stoves from Moretti Design

Hi-tech products for home heating

Smart range of pellet stoves from Moretti Design 07/12/2023 20:49:16 Univectra d.o.o. ExpertFlame

Thanks to the work of technicians and engineers and the advice of leading international designers, Moretti Design has succeeded in creating a range of high-tech products that can satisfy any domestic heating need.

Boilers and pellet fireplaces are other key components of the Smart range: Tecnika boilers and slot fireplaces are pure design elements that can be easily adapted to any type of environment with very little renovation.

Four technologies drive Moretti Design products: Aqua, Ventilated Air, Ducted and Relax, joined this year by the limited edition Aladdin. The different technologies are able to interact with any existing home system, always guaranteeing maximum performance in terms of both heating and comfort.

Glass becomes the absolute protagonist of our products. Moretti Design has introduced to the international market the magic of a material that can be moulded into different shapes and technologies, turning stoves into true works of art.

Ceramic represents the tradition of a covering with classic lines but innovative design. Each model becomes precious to the eye and to the touch thanks to the firing of the clay, which, at over a thousand degrees, makes the surface shiny and suitable for exclusive treatments.

Every company has its own "hallmark" and for the last two years the Intelligent range has borne the signature steel triptych, a symbol of manufacturing guarantee. Horizontally embedded in the structure of the product, the triptych gives it the extraordinary character that only Made in Italy design, appreciated all over the world, can have.

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