The Dream stove and the Hybrid Technology system

New products form Moretti Design

The Dream stove and the Hybrid Technology system 07/12/2023 21:04:08 Univectra d.o.o. ExpertFlame

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Moretti Design, they wanted to give their best by creating a line of new creations, simple but meaningful, that concentrate Made in Italy craftsmanship and new technologies.

If last year the word innovation gave birth to the Relax category, this year the word innovation has given birth to a new technology in the Moretti Design laboratories: the Hybrid Technology, a novelty for which the Dream Stove is a testimony.

Three new stoves are created:

  • The Vision, the revolution of compactness
  • The Dolby, the warmth of music.
  • The Dream, with its Hybrid Technology system.

And it is with the Dream that we want to tell the story of its birth and the innovation it brings.

Hybrid technology allows a product to be equipped with an air fan that can be switched off to make the stove even quieter. Later, the same product can be ducted by purchasing radial fans (not included at the start).

In this way, you can have a double heating solution in one product.

The team of designers and creators at Moretti Design have also imagined this new stove as an infinite customisation possibility, choosing different colour variants, from white to burgundy, from gunmetal to bronze, from deep black to precious champagne.

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