Ducted pellet stoves

Why choose a ducted pellet stove?

Ducted pellet stoves 07/12/2023 21:02:33 Univectra d.o.o. ExpertFlame

With a ducted pellet stove, you ensure that your home has an alternative heating system that takes advantage of the heating power of pellets and the convenience of distributing warm air to more rooms in the house.

When it is necessary to heat several rooms with a single heat source, the duct pellet stove can be considered.

The duct pellet stoves are the ideal solution for efficiently and functionally heating several rooms in your home with the power of a single stove.

Thanks to the duct system of pipes that carry the hot air from the system to other rooms, it is possible to distribute heat evenly to several rooms in the same house.

The duct system is a very functional and convenient choice for heating, economical and fast both in terms of installation and response time.

However, there are some limitations that must be taken into account. The length of the duct system is limited to a few meters, as defined by the manufacturer for each model. While passing through the ducts, the hot air may lose heat capacity. The volume of hot air that can be sent to the duct system is smaller than the hot air supplied with the frontal blow.

The best ducted stoves make it possible to adjust the ventilation at will, completely independently, in order to obtain a personalized comfort in the different rooms that are reached by the ducted air. In this way it is possible to have different temperatures in different rooms, all thanks to a single heat generator.

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