Natural convection pellet stoves

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Natural convection pellet stoves 07/12/2023 21:01:47 Univectra d.o.o. ExpertFlame

Most pellet stoves on the market are equipped with a fan that blows the hot air produced inside the stove and quickly distributes it throughout the room. Convection stoves do not have a fan.

Because they have no internal fan, these products are much quieter than the average air heater on the market.

Because they do not blow air outdoors, these stoves do not move dust or bacteria and dry out the air less, providing a more comfortable climate, especially for those with allergies.

The stove radiates heat 360 degrees instead of having a single front fan.

Without a fan, the heat spreads slowly throughout the room. Therefore, if the room is cold or poorly insulated, it may take a long time to reach the desired temperature.

The natural convection stove works much like a traditional ceramic radiator. The heat produced is localized near the stove and cannot be piped elsewhere, for example to heat other rooms, as is the case with ducted stoves.

Because they are designed to exchange as much heat as possible with the environment, these stoves are on average warmer outside than others.

The natural convection stove is probably the ideal product for you if the room to be heated does not exceed 70-80 square meters and has good insulation. You also need to leave it running for at least a few hours during the day.

Some ventilated pellet stoves have the option to turn off the fan and in this mode they heat by natural convection. However, this function is usually only allowed at the lowest heat output.

If the priority is to achieve a comfortable, quiet heating, the natural convection stove is a good choice. On the other hand, if you are looking for a stove that will heat the room in a few minutes, or if you intend to use the heat produced to heat several rooms at the same time, it is not for you.

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