Wood burning fireplaces

The timeless charm of fire

Wood burning fireplaces 07/12/2023 21:03:33 Univectra d.o.o. ExpertFlame

A fireplace will warm the room and the house in which it is placed, spreading a good smell of wood and the soothing sound of its crackling throughout the room. A perfect convivial atmosphere, minimal waste and ashes.

A wood fireplace has so many advantages. It is fueled by wood, so it is biomass, so it is sustainable. It saves you money on your heating bill. Above all, however, in this article we do not want to analyze the material advantages of a heating system such as a fireplace, but those that concern human warmth, the atmosphere it can create, its aggregative power. In fact, the fireplace is not only used to heat the room, but it is also a real meeting place for relatives and friends, a warm comfort to spend the winter in company, in front of the fire. It has always had a social and family function.


Wood inserts are designed to replace an old open fireplace and are installed in the existing space, giving new life to your old fireplace while retaining all the charm of a burning fire. What's more, thanks to their high performance in terms of energy and emissions, they provide efficient and environmentally friendly heating for your home. Inserts can also be the perfect solution for new installations.


Hearths are very similar to inserts; they always have "flag" door openings, but in addition they have an important cast iron frame and levelling support. They can therefore be used for new installations with special cladding.


Monoblocs are fireplaces with a concealed "up and down" opening. They are adjustable in height and equipped with wheels for easy positioning. For these items, a dedicated generator cladding structure must always be provided on site.

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